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"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride."

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

-John F. Kennedy

Last weekend was full of fun and laughter with bikes. We spent the night at Cabela’s in East Hartford, CT on Friday. We ordered pizza to our camping spot for dinner. We played in the sun and Bryon worked a little. The camping behind the East Hartford Cabela’s is the best we have encountered for urban camping. The lot we parked in sat on the former Rentschler Field airstrip. It has not operated as a runway in at least 30 years. were off enough from the interstate that the frogs croaking in the pond behind Cabela’s, next to the old runway, were the loudest thing around.

Saturday morning was spent doing laundry and resupplying on food, fuel, and other essentials. After we wrapped up our normal travel day tasks, we headed to Rockland, CT to the local mountain bike trails so that I could ride. Bryon and April were preparing to race at the Connecticut State Qualifier BMX races at Falcon BMX in Meriden that night. I wanted to get some riding in on my Why Big Iron, as I am preparing to participate in my first mountain bike race, in September.

The trails were rocky and roots crisscrossed across them. They were easy to navigate for the most part. We had been talking to a few guys in the parking lot about Revel Bikes, as both Bryon and one of the guys have the Revel Rascal. I crossed paths with them a few times as I tried to pick the best route for the time I had to ride. They suggested I check out the Dirt Church route, so I took that and then picked my way back down to the trailhead on the Summit and Rockland Trails. The forest was so dense and beautiful. The rocks actually sparkled when the sun hit them. There were several down trees, along the route, from recent storms, but overall great fun to ride. I would recommend anyone that visits the area with their mountain bike check out the Rockland trails. I wish we had more time to explore them.

After we wrapped up at the Rockland trails, we headed to Meriden for the BMX races at Falcon BMX. April was over-excited for her balance bike races. This was here first time racing her Burley MyKick. We got to the track a little earlier and were able to secure a place to park Lucky 13, before the lot filled up from others at the track and a football game nearby.

As this was a state qualifier, there were 46 motos and Bryon actually had a class this time. The balance bike races were the first motos and April took first in the 2-3 year old class. April was so excited to race, but she did not quite get that the goal is to reach the finish before anyone else. She kept turning back to wait for her competitors.

Bryon took second in the 46-50 cruiser moto, and therefore moved onto the mains. We went and hung out at the bus, while we waited for the mains. April ate an ice cream and was ecstatic about her trophy. Bryon’s main event went well. He took second overall. After Bryon’s main event we drove back to the Cabela’s in East Harford and headed to bed.

Sunday, we left Cabela’s and headed out to Torrington, CT. Foothills BMX has their local races on Sundays. The track was in a forested area surrounded by deciduous trees. We parked the bus, chatted with the track director and a few others before it was race time for April and Bryon. April took 3rd in the 3-year old races. Bryon took 2nd overall, in the 46-51 cruisers. The vibe at both tracks was great. I loved how excited April was out there on the track. Bryon’s races were also great fun for me and the kiddos to watch. Daphney loves to watch the bikes go by. Here is a link to the recap from the track on both April and Bryon’s races at Foothills BMX:

The announcers at Foothills shared that we were from Idaho with the other spectators. We had several people stop by the bus between motos to chat, asking about our travels, bus, and business. One guy that we chatted with is planning on riding across the country on the Great American Trail next year. Check out his adventures and work here:

Sunday afternoon, we departed Torrington and headed to Newark, Delaware to camp at Cabela’s. The drive was one that likely brought Bryon stress as we traveled through New York City to the New Jersey Turnpike. This Cabela’s was right along the interstate in a mall parking lot. It was noisy. There were bright lights. We did not sleep well, but it was sufficient for a night. Monday morning, we headed to the Middle Run trailhead in Newark. I rode the trails that wove through hardwoods, along cornfields, and past a monument to the Mason-Dixon line. The trails were smooth with the occasional roots and rocks. Bryon hung with the kids, so I could get this ride in. I am greatly appreciative to Bryon for supervising April and Daphney, so I can go for rides on my own, at times.

Our weekend was filled with bikes and any weekend of biking is a win. We are thankful for Cabela’s in East Hartford for having a rad camping area, that made us forget we were even camping in the city. We are also grateful to all who made us feel welcome at Falcon and Foothills BMX over the weekend. We love meeting individuals on our journey, that love bikes as much as us.

We moved on to Assateague Island on Monday, after riding the Middle Run Trails in Newark. Look for our next blog post on our adventures with wild ponies, later this weekend. Also, be sure to check out our deal of the day! Now through August 31st if you purchase a deal of the day you will also be entered to win a top tube bag of your choice!

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