FBJ Creations makes high-quality custom bike bags. We are a small family run business. FBJ formed because we love bikes and bikepacking. We feel that bike bags deserve a special personal touch and customization. We love working with customers to create bike bags that are unique and


"We cannot accomplish all we need to without working together."


Becky found her love for bikepacking after Bryon bought her a fat bike for Christmas 2016. Becky has since taken up gravel biking, bikepacking, and even a little mountain biking. She enjoys exploring new places on family bikepacking trips. 



Bicycles have been Bryon's love and passion for most of his life. BMX racing dominated almost 25 years, with only a few breaks here and there. Somewhere along the way he also fell in love with mountain biking, especially the climbing and suffering part of it. In the past few years I have discovered bikepacking, and the absolute joy of bike rides that literally last for days! 


April and Daphney

April and Daphney are our adventure babies. April has traveled over 7000 miles in a Burley trailer and races her Burley MyKick. Daph is just beginning her bike adventures!

Our Product Warranty

FBJ Creations handcrafts all bags with high quality materials including XPac, Cordura, and YKK Waterproof Zippers. We offer a one-year warranty on all workmanship. We do not warranty damage due to zipper wear or misuse. Fabrics fade over time, naturally. We do not warranty fabic brightness.

Bags are made with waterproof materials, but in heavy rains and when submerged, may accumulate moisture. 


We do not cover damage that is done to your bicycle from abrasion between the bag and the frame of the bike. Paint may wear off the bike from this abrasion. In dusty, dirty environments this may happen more frequently. You can hand wash your bags and bike to minimalize this wear.